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Improve your relationships and satisfaction with life through personality-based coaching.

How good would it feel to avoid all those petty miunderstandings that lead to unnecessary conflict?

For private individuals and pairs, we offer personal development coaching at rates comparable to counselling and therapy rates.  

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Become a Certified Personality Type Practitioner with Type Pro

Type Pro is world-class personality Type training, designed by top Type experts - Angelina Bennet and Gareth English - with the goal of providing the highest quality training to people all over the world. This is the most flexible Type training available, designed to fit around busy professional schedules and global teams. 

Find out more about Type Pro's award winning training program .... and what our clients say about it. And if you are in Education, ask about our specialist course for Educators led by leading Type expert Dr Jane Kise - Type Pro Ed

Conflict from 7 Different Type Perspectives

New - our series of articles about the different ways that Types may expereince conflict, misunderstanding and irritation.

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What Personality Type is David Bowie?

Find out Angelina Bennet's thoughts on Bowie's Type and how his personality developed through his life.

Follow the link to her webinar presented to the Portland USA Association for Psychological Type

What Type is Bowie?  Ch..ch..changes..