Once again the annual BAPT Conference is nearly upon us  – the theme is ‘Pearls of Wisdom’.   As usual there is a fantastic line-up of Type experts from around the Globe, and I’m getting my spare beds ready for some of them to stay over with me  after the conference and show me the top tourist sites in the UK that I never knew existed, ha!

I am presenting on ‘The Wisdom of Type’.
What is wisdom?  And how does wisdom show up in Type?

In this session, I will present an aspect of my doctoral research that focused on perceptions of individual effectiveness, the definition of effectiveness, and how this is connected to wisdom and the later stages of personal development. We will look at the characteristics of wise and effective individuals and how this may be expressed through type, and consider how to facilitate development to bring out these qualities.  During the session we will try out some practical ‘ego bypass’ coaching methods, and discuss our own experiences of seeing the wisdom of type in action.

It would be great to see you there.


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