Development & Coaching

Coaching & Development

Realise the untapped talent in your people


Without someone to help us open our eyes and look up every now and then, we easily fall into the same old habits, repeat the same mistakes, and be unaware 
that we could be so much more. 

Individuals and teams that engage in coaching and development are more agile, proactive and empowered.  Relationships are better, communication is more effective and motivation is increased.  Less time and energy is wasted dealing with petty conflicts and internal competition.  And, of course, all of this contributes to the productivity and profitability of the business.  

At iPotential we are qualified in a range of coaching and development techniques, ranging from goal focused individual and team coaching, to deep psychological Process Work.  Naturally, we adapt to the needs and state of the individual or team.

Our team contains some of the world's leading experts in Myers-Briggs Psychological Type which is one of the most frequently used and effective processes employed by developmental coaches.  Our expertise in this approach enables us to take the work way beyond other coaches and get into the real dynamics that are at play and that are impacting performance.