What our clients say

“Angelina has been working with type for the past 16 years,  She is one of the leading experts in the field of Type in the UK and couples this with knowledge of MBTI Step II and Step III.  Angelina’s knowledge and experience enables her to make Myers Briggs accessible and memorable for those she works with or trains.  And crucially immediately applicable for professionals and their development.  Angelina is able to add value and insights to even those who know and use their own type preferences.”
Sarah Perrott – Cresco Consulting (www.crescoconsulting.co.uk)

“I have mainly known Angelina for her work at BAPT. She is extremely knowledgeable and capable in her field and has complete integrity. I value highly her tenacity in focusing on what is right and correct and for her high standards in approach. Her openness is very refreshing and I feel very privileged to have worked with her, and hope that there may be opportunities to do so again.”
Bill Davies, JCA Global (www.jcaglobal.com)

Waterside Team

“Angelina spent a day with our newly put together team in Cowes on the Isle of Wight. We had a brilliant day learning enlightening nuances about each other’s personalities and since then have each put our energies into bringing out the best in each working situation we find ourselves in. Angelina definitely brought out the best in us in a short space of time and we look forward to working with her again in the future.”
Georgia McCarthy – Director, Waterside Properties, Isle of Wight


“Angelina brought psychometric profiling to life through personal insights and sharp wit. One of the most intellectually engaging corporate training I have attended.”
Alina Sandell, Head of Talent & Development at Whitbread

“Angelina held a very successful workshop for us. She was professional and managed to connect with some of my more skeptical colleagues. She had interesting and innovative ways to get people involved. I very much recommend Angelina.”
Dr Aileen King, Diabetes Researcher, Kings College London

“I first met Angelina at a type conference, during which she delivered a fantastic presentation based around type development. Inspired and intrigued by her knowledge, I sought her out after the conference and inquired as to whether she offered coaching. At the time, I had been involved in Type for a few years and believed that I knew my type and Type Theory very well.  However, it quickly transpired that I had not had access to reliable or accurate information. Angelina took me back to basics and rebuilt my type knowledge from the ground up.  After a period of introspection and integration, I shifted up a gear in life. Things seem to flow more naturally now; I am more ‘powerful’ as an individual. Things make sense.”
Paul J, Coaching Client