What’s that coming over the hill?

It’s big and green but has a genuinely good heart.

Corporate Global Responsibility and Values Driven Organisations.

The concept of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) has been around for a while; it’s the idea of businesses and organisations giving something back to their local communities or to charities. Some organisations adopt a CSR approach because they genuinely feel that they are in a position to be of service and it fits with their values. Others merely pay lip service to it, or do it to atone for the negative impact of their own actions. While something is better than nothing, wouldn’t it be so much better if businesses in the latter category genuinely wanted to stop being part of the problem?

While CSR initiatives are valuable, whatever the motivation behind them, we are now facing bigger issues. The environmental issues facing the planet are rapidly approaching crisis point – in fact, many would say we are already at crisis point – and it cannot be ignored any longer. All of us – from huge organisations, through to small businesses, and to every individual – needs to do their best to stop being part of the problem. And if you tune in, you can feel the force of the need to change gaining exponential strength. School children are marching in the streets and taking on the politicians, Extinction Rebellion brought London to a halt to raise awareness, political parties with green agendas such as The Green Party are rapidly gaining support, and Sir David Attenborough (who completely knows his s**t so we need to believe him) is warning of an impending extinction event. The demands we face now go beyond Corporate Social Responsibility. We need Corporate Global Responsibility (CGR).

And there are so many ways we can start this, no matter what business we are in and no matter how big or small: reduce waste, be energy efficient, cut emissions, stop excessive packaging, recycle, find ways to reduce the use of single use plastics, eat less meat, change to CGR supporting suppliers, introduce car-pooling, reduce the need to travel …. We can all take some actions that collectively will start to make a difference, if we genuinely want to stop being part of the problem.

Real change starts at a values and attitudes level. All too often organisations and leaders are oblivious to the values and priorities they are demonstrating and the subsequent cultures they are creating. Values change takes time, but needs to start with the leadership and involve everyone. We all need to wake up and take a look at ourselves and start making steps towards really living the values that will shape a better future.

Values driven organisations not only benefit from positive PR, but financially they benefit from increased employee engagement and retention, high employee productivity, and they attract customers who make values driven choices. I myself have recently changed my electricity provider to one who only uses renewable energy sources.

To find out more about how you can identify current values at an individual, team or organisational level and start to make the changes towards being a values driven organisation, get in touch at angelina@ipotential.co.uk

To find out more about our methodology see Barrett Values Approach

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