Workshop Auckland, NZ

    Ego and Type Development – What’s the link?

Workshop with Dr Angelina Bennet

Eden Gardens, Auckland
Friday 12th August 2016,  
 9.30 – 4.30
 $180.00 (incl. gst)

Dr. Angelina Bennet is visiting NZ for the first time from the UK. She is offering an opportunity for Type enthusiasts to build on their knowledge.

As a Chartered Occupational Psychologist she specializes in developing individuals through personality work. She was awarded a Professional Doctorate in 2011 and her thesis focused on the further development of Type theory.  She is the author of ‘The Shadows of Type—Psychological Type through Seven Levels of Development’ (Available on Amazon).

This is an interactive workshop where some of the big Type questions will be explored:
What constitutes effective and ineffective use of Type?Angelina Presenting
What are Carl Jung and Isabel Myers’s perspective on Type development?
How does the Ego Development Model* correlate with Type development?

 Personal development:
How do we know where we are in our Type development?
How may this show up when under pressure?
How can we use this information to help us succeed in our roles in life?

Professional development:
How can you assess where a client is in their Type development and form a development plan?
What are the coaching techniques that can help make developmental shifts?
How can you address the above issues in relation to your client’s current level of awareness?

“Angelina is an engaging and experienced presenter whose in-depth knowledge in this field is impeccable. She delivers complex material with simplicity and humour. This workshop should not be missed!”   – Sue Blair, Personality Dynamics Ltd.

 * The Ego Development model – Loevinger and Cook-Greuter


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